Should You Vote In The Indian Elections?

Vote are you waiting for?

Via Punit Paranjpe/Raveendran/AFP

  1. Check off all the statements that are true for you:
    1. 1 I believe in democratic government.
    2. 2 I have strong political opinions.
    3. 3 I have posted a Facebook status expressing my political opinions.
    4. 4 I have tweeted something related to politics.
    5. 5 I think politics are a necessary evil.
    6. 6 When others praise India, I criticize it.
    7. 7 When others criticize India, I defend it.
    8. 8 I follow Narendra Modi, Arvind Kejriwal, or both on Twitter.
    9. 9 I value my freedom of expression.
    10. 10 I strongly believe the LGBT community should have equal rights.
    11. 11 I oppose Article 377.
    12. 12 When I’m drunk, I criticize the Indian government.
    13. 13 When I’m sober, I criticize the Indian government.
    14. 14 I have referred to Indian politicians as gundas, chootiyas, chors, or assholes at least once in my life.
    15. 15 I’m active in the comments section of articles about Indian politics.
    16. 16 I’ve gotten into Twitter wars with people whose political views differ from mine.
    17. 17 I’ve gotten into Facebook arguments with people whose political views differ from mine.
    18. 18 I have shared more than one article about the Indian elections.
    19. 19 Although I rely on public transportation, I curse at it everyday.
    20. 20 I have been eve-teased or groped in public.
    21. 21 I’ve been sexually harassed or assaulted, or I know someone who has.
    22. 22 I can only see Narendra Modi as the next Indian Prime Minister.
    23. 23 I can only see Rahul Gandhi as the next Indian Prime Minister.
    24. 24 I feel that both Modi and Rahul Gandhi are completely useless.
    25. 25 I believe Arvind Kejriwal is the leader India needs.
    26. 26 I am strongly affiliated to one religion.
    27. 27 I believe in secularism.
    28. 28 I believe in the separation of politics and religion.
    29. 29 I have had to bribe a cop or a government official.
    30. 30 I have accepted a bribe to do my job.
    31. 31 I have committed tax evasion, or I know someone who has.
    32. 32 I don’t want slums in my city.
    33. 33 I have been stuck in a pothole or fallen into an open drain.
    34. 34 I have attended a parade, protest, rally, or vigil.
    35. 35 I have signed one or more online petitions for change in India.
    36. 36 I strongly believe India should be a secular country.
    37. 37 I have seriously considered unfriending or unfollowing someone whose political views differ from mine.
    38. 38 I talk about the elections at least once a day.
    39. 39 I have had a heated debate with my friends about what India’s biggest challenge is.
    40. 40 I have had a heated debate with friends about whether India will ever improve.
    41. 41 I want more women in positions of power in India.
    42. 42 I wish schooling in India was better and more accessible.
    43. 43 I live in India now.
    44. 44 I plan to live in India in the next 10 years.
    45. 45 I found it difficult (or am finding it difficult) to get a job.
    46. 46 I’m almost always broke.
    47. 47 I don’t like decisions regarding my future being made without my consent.
    48. 48 I want to play a part in choosing the leader of the world’s largest democracy.
    49. 49 I care about the future of my country.
    50. 50 Despite all its flaws, I love India.

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