21 Joys Of Having A Work BFF

Love means never having to say, “Who wants to go to happy hour?”

1. Having a work BFF means you always have someone to vent your work problems to who understands them completely.

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2. Your midday coffee breaks always double as biffle catch-up sessions.

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3. You have someone to ask your dumb, ignorant work questions to, without fear of this happening:

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4. And you always have someone to lend you the essential things you forgot at home.

So you will never suffer the misery that is going a whole day without headphones or tampons.

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5. You can always count on this person to tell you if you have food in your teeth, or a visible wedgie, or any other mortifying situation going on.

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6. It’s always safe to assume you have a happy hour companion.

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7. And you have a default lunch buddy. No lonely desk lunches for you.

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8. Even when you’re off enjoying vacation, you have a reason to look forward to coming back to work.

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9. You always have someone willing to verify your “I’m sick and can’t come in today” story for your boss.

Even if it is just a story…

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10. And, on the other hand, you always have someone to verify your “work was insane today!” stories for your real world friends and family.

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11. Office party awkwardness is buffered by the fact that you have each other.

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12. This person can give you objective, well-meaning, and well-informed career advice, since they know everything about you and the company.

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13. And, on a lighter note, you’re always up to speed on office gossip because two gossip-mongers are better than one.

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14. If you’re having a particularly busy day, there’s always someone willing to share your workload, asking nothing in return.

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15. And, conversely, when you’re having a particularly slow day, you have someone to goof around with.

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16. This person is an exception to the “leave your personal life at home” rule because they give great life advice.

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17. They give you great feedback so, thanks to them, you’re always getting better at your job.

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18. And if you work in a creative space, they give you good ideas all the time, expecting nothing in return.

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19. Most importantly, you have a reason to look forward to going to work every morning.

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20. You appreciate each other more because your paths would never have crossed outside of work, but now you can’t imagine life without one another.

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21. And you know it’s only a matter of time before your work BFF will be your life BFF.

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