21 Joys Of Being Your Parents’ Favorite Kid

They’ll never say it, but we all know it’s true. Sorry.

1. You’re never the one in trouble, even when you definitely should be.

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2. You are the uncontested star of every family photo.

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3. All the fashion experiments are carried out on your lesser-loved siblings.

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4. You get the best presents.

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5. You are, by default, given control of the TV remote.

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6. You always get to ride shotgun, no questions asked.

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7. You get away with shirking your chores because you don’t have to earn love, you just get it.

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8. Better Halloween costumes.

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9. Your birthdays are always a big deal. Their’s are… Well…

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10. Your family’s best-kept secret is that you got a higher allowance.

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11. Even the family pet senses the household bias and loves you more.

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12. Two magic words: No. Curfew.

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13. You almost always get to pick what’s for dinner.

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14. You get the first serving of everything, be it baked goods or family gossip.

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15. You’re always on the funner side of this joke.

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16. When you and your siblings disagree about something, your word is gospel. Even if you’re blatantly wrong.

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17. You’re obviously inheriting everything.

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18. You see right through the “we love you both equally!” lie.

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19. Shopping sprees always revolve around you, while the lesser sibz wait outside the dressing room.

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20. You get to go about life carefree, knowing that you are loved (more) unconditionally.

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21. And the greatest joy of all: sending this post to your sibling(s), so they’ll finally know what you’ve known all along.

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