39 Men And Women Around The Country Shared Their Dreams For A Safer India

“I feel safe when equality is not a fight, but a given.”

1. In early June, the folks behind the online talk show Chai With Lakshmi started an online campaign called #iFeelSafeWhen.

2. It is intended to pinpoint the factors that make women feel unsafe in India, and what it will take to change that.

3. They asked people to complete the sentence “I feel safe when…” and send them a selfie with their message.

4. And they received hundreds of responses.

5. From men and women both…

6. Of all ages.

7. We’ve curated just a few of the most poignant.

See the full album on Facebook here.

To view the campaign in full, or submit your own #iFeelSafeWhen selfie, check out the Facebook page here.

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