21 Absurd Things That Could Only Happen In The Ivy League


1. This NCAA write-up.

ID: 1919557

2. This mature, intellectual, high-brow joke.

ID: 1958552

3. This devastating breakdown of opportunities.

Bruno Rigonatti Mendes / Via Facebook

Spotted in Columbia’s engineering building.

ID: 1954649

4. These lifesaving copy edits.

Thank you, Brown.

ID: 1919599

5. This glorious felling.

ID: 1958014

6. This important message that someone decided to etch into a Dartmouth wall for posterity.

ID: 1919586

7. This flyer posted by a friendly Cornell student who’s just trying to pass Orgo.

ID: 1958502

8. This ravenous high-society criminal.

ID: 1954979

9. And this creative delinquency.

ID: 1929502

10. This professorial logic.

ID: 1955102

11. And this verbal tic.

ID: 1955147

12. This Columbia-wide addiction.

ID: 1958370

13. This rebellious library vandalism.

#Cornell #WilliamCarlosWilliams #Plums

ID: 1919608

14. This robbery and all of its surrounding circumstances.

Good job, Princeton.

ID: 1955059

15. This blossoming romance between two bulldogs.

ID: 1955195

16. This headline. Stress culture, amirite?

ID: 1958657

17. These priorities.

ID: 1955406

18. This heartbreaking (albeit unsurprising) mix-up.

ID: 1958524

19. This UPenn shopping list*.

*Note that it was completed by 12:32pm.

ID: 1955904

20. This opinionated Google results page.

(This mix-up has, since, been rectified.)

ID: 1958237

21. And these kids who would rather sleep in the library than leave it.

Go home, lions.

ID: 1955472

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