21 Absurd Things That Could Only Happen In The Ivy League


1. This NCAA write-up.

2. This mature, intellectual, high-brow joke.

3. This devastating breakdown of opportunities.

Bruno Rigonatti Mendes / Via Facebook

Spotted in Columbia’s engineering building.

4. These lifesaving copy edits.

Thank you, Brown.

6. This important message that someone decided to etch into a Dartmouth wall for posterity.

7. This flyer posted by a friendly Cornell student who’s just trying to pass Orgo.

8. This ravenous high-society criminal.

9. And this creative delinquency.

10. This professorial logic.

11. And this verbal tic.

12. This Columbia-wide addiction.

13. This rebellious library vandalism.

#Cornell #WilliamCarlosWilliams #Plums

14. This robbery and all of its surrounding circumstances.

Good job, Princeton.

15. This blossoming romance between two bulldogs.

16. This headline. Stress culture, amirite?

18. This heartbreaking (albeit unsurprising) mix-up.

19. This UPenn shopping list*.

*Note that it was completed by 12:32pm.

20. This opinionated Google results page.

(This mix-up has, since, been rectified.)

21. And these kids who would rather sleep in the library than leave it.

Go home, lions.

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Rega Jha is the editor of BuzzFeed India and is based in Mumbai.
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