9 Things Mumbaikars Want, Need, And Deserve

Peace, love, cutting chai.

Thanks to the support of several Mumbaikars, the hashtag became India’s #1 trending topic, and even briefly trended worldwide.

And a few themes emerged as Mumbai’s most popular demands. Here’s #WhatMumbaiWants:

2. 1. RAIN! Real, heavy, cool rain!

3. 2. Less traffic and better roads.

13. 5. A solution to several local train woes.

17. 6. WiFi. Lots and lots of WiFi.

21. 7. For auto drivers to stop saying no.

25. 8. To be able to call it Bombay.

28. 9. And, of course, vada pav and cutting chai.

33. <3 Aamchi मुंबई <3


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