21 Things You’re Sick Of Hearing If You Don’t Watch "Breaking Bad"

Yeah, yeah, best TV show ever, great anti-hero, can’t wait for the fina- SHUT UP. SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP.

1. “It starts slow but just stick it out until Season 3. That’s when it really picks up.”

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2. “It’ll make you cry but like in a good way, you know?”

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3. “You don’t understand. He’s the best anti-hero of all time. He’s awful but you can’t help but root for him.”

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4. “Like, I hate him. But I love him. I kinda want him to get caught, but I love him!”

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5. “You’ll learn so much about meth. It’s actually super interesting.”

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6. “I’m not exaggerating. It is LITERALLY the best show on television. Ever.”

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7. “The cinematography is so great. Like, the colors and shit are gorgeous. You have to watch it.”

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8. “Bryan Cranston is LITERALLY the best actor of all time.”

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9. “The characters are just so complicated. It’ll really make you think. Like, who is Jesse, really?”

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10. “Man, it makes me wanna go to New Mexico. Like, just to check it out.”

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11. “It simultaneously gives me a reason to live… And makes me want to die.”

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12. “It’s a tragedy, but I still look forward to it all week. Seriously, Sundays are the highlight of my life.”

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13. “It’s never too late to start. You’re really missing out.”

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14. “It’s so nerve-racking. You just never know what’s gonna happen.”

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15. “Yeah, it’s dark but it’s also really, really funny sometimes. You like comedy, right? You’ll love it!”

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16. “It’s like Dexter, but a million times better. Like Weeds… But a thousand trillion billion times better.”

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17. “I honestly don’t know what I’m gonna do with myself when it’s over.”

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18. “But I can’t wait for the finale. It’s gonna be the best and worst night of my life.”

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19. “Just give in and watch it. It’s so, so good.”

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20. “Like, literally the best work of art that television has ever produced.”

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21. “I mean… The only thing that even comes close is The Wire. You should totally watch The Wire.”

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