17 Cross Stitch Patterns For Your Sassy Home

The days of the “God Bless This Home” cross stitch are long gone.

1. Just a friendly reminder

This could be more useful that expected. Buy the pattern here

ID: 1038626

2. Let your visitors know how you really feel

Pattern is available here

ID: 1038640

3. For the Girl’s fan in everyone’s life

Words of wisdom from Shoshanna will brighten any room. Buy the finished product here

ID: 1038656

4. Remember the good old days

back when it was okay for a 12 year old to leave home and become a Poke-Master. Pattern available here

ID: 1038666

5. A pattern for those of you who did the Vagina Monologues back in college

Puns are classic. Buy this pattern here

ID: 1038676

6. Honey Badger don’t care where you hang this cross stitch

Pattern available here

ID: 1038687

7. Perfect for the guest bathroom or in-law apartment

Buy this pattern here

ID: 1038706

8. Don’t be afraid to let your favorite memes become art in your home

Check the pattern out here

ID: 1038725

9. Don’t be afraid to mix old and new with rap lyrics

Damn, it does feel good. Buy the pattern here

ID: 1038750

10. Even the Grumpy Cat can’t hate this pattern

…or can she? Pattern available to buy here

ID: 1038939

11. Remind your visitors to expand their horizons

Buy the pattern here

ID: 1038963

12. For those who caught bronchitius this winter

Take the time to make some wall art with this pattern

ID: 1038976

13. Have a little fawn with this cross stitch!

No such thing as too many puns! Pattern available here .

ID: 1038986

14. Get your zen on with this pattern!

Yoga pants not included. Buy your own DIY kit here

ID: 1039007

15. Ever want to make artwork that combindes your love of Elton John and breakfast?

Buy the pattern here

ID: 1039021

16. Channel your inner Leslie Knope

Remember, Uteruses before duderuses. Buy the finished product here

ID: 1039029

17. Show some binary love in your computer room

Buy this pattern here

ID: 1039040

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