22 Guys Who Are Having A Really Good Hair Day

Hair isn’t just a statement, it’s a lifestyle. Hooray for awesome hair!

1. Your hair is a way of life.

2. It defines you.

3. And shows you who you really are.

4. So be one with your hair.

6. And you might even land on Mars.

7. Some like their hair high.

8. Others like it wide.

9. Or even frozen.

10. Some like for their hair to serve a function.

11. Like to help them sleep in college.

12. Or to help them catch a gentle breeze.

13. But don’t forget, back hair needs some love too.

14. Hair can leave an impression.

15. And make a point.

16. Or leave a tingly sensation.

17. You can show your patriotism.

18. Or how gentlemanly you are.

A chest like a sir.

19. It can even be a pet.

20. Definitely a life changing statement.

21. So why is hair awesome?

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