20 Reasons To Go Hooray!

You don’t have to win the lotto for a reason to celebrate. So pop open a bottle of Red Stripe and celebrate your small victories with a hooray!

1. Eating foods you loved when you were a kid

2. Having friends

3. Balancing a coin on top of another coin

4. Finding the perfect position in your seat

5. Looking spiffy on the job

6. The wind blowing on your face

7. Spiral hot dogs

8. Waking up before your alarm clock

9. The elevator is already on your floor

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10. Hitting non-stop green lights on the way to work

11. Your flight is (actually) on time

12. Realizing you look stunning in a hat

13. Finding money you didn’t even know you lost

14. Doing stuff tomorrow

15. When your stack of pancakes looks just like the front of the box

16. Hanging out with friends and not noticing that the day flew by

17. The moment at a concert after the lights go out and before the band comes on stage

18. Getting the last piece of leftover cake in the office kitchen

19. Having a whole row by yourself on the plane

20. Taking this picture and being alive to share it

RED STRIPE Lager. ©2012 DIAGEO - Guinness USA, Norwalk, CT. Hooray Responsible Drinking!

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