19 Reasons Why Work Will Rock Today

Today was a good day. Hooray for an awesome day at work!

1. You had an awesome drive to work.

2. And arrived to find your lobby redecorated with bacon. Mmm… bacon.

3. The bathroom got upgraded.

4. You avoided all of the snakes.

5. On your way to score some free pudding.

6. And found the fridge fully stocked. Hooray!

7. You were super productive.

8. Because you installed a hi-tech theft prevention system.

9. And used a big word in an office meeting.

10. The intern even made himself useful.

11. But most importantly no one touched your mango.

12. You found time to grab lunch with a friend.

13. THIS was for dessert. Nom nom nom.

14. Your coworkers lent you a helping hand.

15. And you tamed the Kraken.

16. So this did NOT happen to you.

17. Your job has an amazing view.

18. Especially when spider man stops by…

19. To give you your paycheck.

RED STRIPE Lager. 2012 Desnoes & Geddes. DIAGEO - Guinness USA, Norwalk, CT. Hooray Responsible Drinking!

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