14 Reasons Why You Should Celebrate Today

It’s the simple things in life that will make you the most happy. So there’s no day like today to share a couple of Red Stripes with your best bros and celebrate all those little hoorays in life.

1. You’re going to chill out with some friends:

2. Because it’s finally tank top weather:

3. And drink some brews in a hammock:

4. Because who doesn’t love a nice hammock?

5. And you’re finally going to go to the gym (aqua style):

6. So you look good in that puppy bikini:

7. But for now, if you’re stuck in your cubicle:

8. Just remember, it could always be worse:

9. And you could be this guy:

10. Or this guy:

11. So take a deep breath…

12. and celebrate today…

13. because you got compliments on that new thing you bought…

14. and the force is with you.

RED STRIPE Lager. ©2012 DIAGEO - Guinness USA, Norwalk, CT. Hooray Responsible Drinking!

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