13 Redneck Versions Of Fancy Things

Because there ain’t nothin’ so refined as a redneck. CMT’s favorite family is back and hitting America’s highways for the road trip of a lifetime! The ALL-NEW season of My Big Redneck Vacation airs Saturdays at 9/8c, only on CMT.

1. This exquisite chandelier.

2. This charming Christmas tree.

3. This top-of-the-line home theater.

4. This steamy, soothing hot tub,

5. This enchanting candelabra.

6. This splendid set of wine glasses.

7. This elegant home garden.

8. This impeccable water slide.

9. This glamorous wedding ceremony.

10. This delectable platter of calamari.

11. This glowing shopper endorsement.

12. This peerless purebred pooch.

13. This high-end car house.

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