8 People Who Think Todd Akin Had A Point About Biology, Rape

Reporter, radio host, and others stand behind Rep. Todd Akin’s views on women being less likely to get pregnant through rape. posted on


Seems to me like Akin was trying to fit medical explanation into a soundbite. Not the best statement, but some are stretching it majorly.


Are people really claiming that a woman's body can't reject a pregnancy in cases of emotional or physical trauma? #wow" target="_blank">">#wow #Biology101" target="_blank">">#Biology101


I'm sticking by Akin! #IStandWithAkin" target="_blank">">#IStandWithAkin #tcot" target="_blank">">#tcot #MOSen" target="_blank">">#MOSen


#IStandWithAkin" target="_blank">">#IStandWithAkin - Only in Obama's America would liberals attack FREEDOM OF SPEECH so much. First @ChickfilA" target="_blank">">@ChickfilA now Akin.. #smh" target="_blank">">#smh


Todd Akin is right: physical trauma of forcible rape can interfere w/ hormonal production, conception.…" target="_blank">">…


@MichelleMalkin Women who are raped are about 40% less likely to get pregnant than their peers who had unprotected, consensual sex.


Poor phrasing, but if you watch the intv @ToddAkin" target="_blank">">@ToddAkin meant to convey that there's less chance of getting pregnant if raped.


Akin mixed up his words. He meant a womans body can reject a pregnancy due to a traumatic physical rape causing extreme bodily harm.

UPDATE: An earlier version of this item included one person whose tweet was not intended to convey agreement.

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