Zayn Is Your Favorite Member Of One Direction… Even If You Don’t Think He Is

Every One Direction fan has a favorite, but deep down, every fan has some serious love for Zayn.

1. You all clicked on this, because you’re already familiar with the perfection that is One Direction:

Stop it, you silly/absurdly talented/handsome men.

ID: 2854582

2. Which means you’re more than familiar with this man:

Hi, Zayn.

ID: 2857748

3. Are you even REAL? / Via Tumblr

I may have just stared at this .gif for an absurdly long period of time.

ID: 2865892

4. The way he looks at people must make them feel like they’re the only people in the room:

… I feel that way, and it’s a .gif.

ID: 2857863

5. *still staring*

A friend of mine put it best: “Zayn is your favorite even when he’s not even really your favorite because HE’S EVEN HARRY’S FAVORITE.”


ID: 2857762

6. I’m sweating:

ID: 2857776

7. Zayn’s vocals are almost Mariah status in how amazing they are:

Hit those falsettos, boo.

ID: 2873926

8. And he’s also an awesome street artist: / Via Tumblr

*shout out to Liam for being cute*

ID: 2873905
ID: 2857739

10. The hardest thing to acknowledge is that he’s prettier than you no matter what… / Via Tumblr

If I were Zayn, I would check myself out, too,

ID: 2857805

12. You’re almost bitter about his hotness and talent… / Via Travel Freak
ID: 2892956

13. … but then you see him again, and all is well: / Via Tumblr
ID: 2892971

14. Sleepy Zayn is a cutie: / Via Tumblr
ID: 2865259

15. As is giggly Zayn:

ID: 2857902

16. And yes, girl Zayn (again): / Via Tumblr
ID: 2857800

17. People on Tumblr know what’s up: / Via Tumblr
ID: 2873956 / Via Tumblr
ID: 2893019

19. …and so does President Obama:

Yes, I know this isn’t real, but Zayn is probably President Obama’s favorite anyway.

ID: 2873973

Me too, Sam. Me too.

ID: 2857906

22. Deep down, you know his beauty and talent combined make him as rare as a beautiful, majestic unicorn: / Via We Heart It

Just Zayin’

ID: 2865994

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