Indiana Republican Trolls The Wrong Joe Donnelly On Twitter

Some random guy is getting attacked by Richard Mourdock’s Senate campaign. posted on

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WASHINGTON — It’s important in politics to know your enemy — and your enemy’s Twitter handle.

In the race for the U.S. Senate in Indiana, Republican Richard Mourdock’s campaign has taken to Twitter to target his opponent, Rep. Joe Donnelly.

But, instead of tweeting attacks at @JoeforIndiana or @RepDonnelly, Mourdock’s tweets have mentioned @JoeDonnelly—a protected account belonging to a man who has 21 followers and, apparently, no aspirations of seeking higher office.

A few recent examples:

“...some supporters of Obamacare are changing their tune”. [including @JoeDonnelly?]" target="_blank">"> vote @Richardmourdock #INSen" target="_blank">">#INSen

Another day, another misleading @JoeDonnelly ad, another attempt to deceive #Hoosier" target="_blank">">#Hoosier voters about "DC Joe"." target="_blank">"> #INSen" target="_blank">">#INSen

@JoeDonnelly's doing his bst 2 mislead #Hoosiers" target="_blank">">#Hoosiers hoping they'll forget he spent the last 4yrs supprtng Obama's failures" target="_blank">">

And Mourdock isn’t the only one targeting an innocent Twitter user who happens to be named Joe Donnelly:

@richardmourdock" target="_blank">">@richardmourdock @joedonnelly" target="_blank">">@joedonnelly Joe donnelly is the male version of Nancy peloci this is not sanfrancisco nor do we want to be

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