10 Shocking Places On Earth That Are Warmer Than The Mainland US Right Now

With lows approaching -23 degrees, these places known for their extreme cold will feel like paradise tomorrow. You would have never guessed these places on Earth would be warmer than the US right now.

Tuesday’s Lows: Approaching -23 Degrees in Some Places.

It’s going to be freaking cold for the next 24 hours, so stay safe and keep warm.

1. The North Pole: -15 Degrees

That’s right. The North Pole has it better than the US. We’re going to need a lot of hand warmers.

Ways to make reusable hand warmers.

2. The South Pole: -9 Degrees.

The South Pole is supposed to be cold … however, they are enjoying the blistering temperature of -9 degrees.

3. The Base of Mt. Everest: 41 Degrees.

Tallest mountain on Earth … still warmer than North Carolina.

4. Iceland: 36 Degrees.

It’s freaking named Iceland and will still be warmer than most of the Deep South.

5. Juneau, Alaska: 36 degrees.

While most of mainland America will be freezing, our disconnected brother to the North West will be enjoying some great weather.

6. Dome Fuji Station, Antartica : 1 Degree.

At least Antartica gets to stay in the +degree range.

7. The Top of Mt. Kilimanjaro : 21 Degrees.

Even at 19,341 ft … the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro will be warmer than most of the US.

8. Nuuk, Greenland : 19 Degrees.

Greenland’s looking pretty nice about now.

9. The Yukon : -13 Degrees

Often touted as one of the coldest places on Earth … the Yukon is experiencing some great weather right now at -13 degrees.

10. Sochi, Russia : 41 Degrees.

That’s right. The place that they’re hosting the Winter Olympics … which happens to be in Russia is warmer than the majority of the US at this moment.

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