11 Potential Future Snoop Animals

Snoop Dogg has only recently transformed into Snoop Lion, but imagine all the other Snoop Animals and genres waiting to be unleashed into the Izzleverse. Here are a few predictions for other musical avenues the Snoopmobile can take to sonic glory. “Reincarnated” comes out in theatres March 15th. DVD and album available April 16th. Listen to the single “La La La” now on Rdio.

en.wikipedia.org, Frederick M. Brown / Getty

1. Snoop Manatee

GENRE: Dubstep. Duh.

ID: 835878
shutterstock.com, Neilson Barnard / Getty

2. Snoop Swan

GENRE: The pop star.

ID: 835883
shutterstock.com, Kevin White / Getty

3. Snoop Bear

GENRE: Indie Rock. Indie rock bands love to have a bear name, right?

ID: 835898
shutterstock.com, John Shearer / Getty

4. Snoop Wood-Mouse

GENRE: Indie Pop/Twee/Shoegaze. Tiny animal, tiny self-conscious lyricism.

ID: 835947
shutterstock.com, Getty/Kevin Winter

5. Snoop Goat

GENRE: Americana/Folk. The beard says it all.

ID: 835953
shutterstock.com, Getty/David Livingston

6. Snoop St. Bernard

GENRE: Classical Music. Reverting back to ’90s dog form. THE 1890s!

ID: 835982
shutterstock.com, Kevin Winter / Getty

7. Snoop Falcon

GENRE: 80s Hair Metal. Just say it out loud, you’ll understand.

ID: 835991
shutterstock.com, Neilson Barnard / Getty

8. Snoop Spider

GENRE: Alternative Jazz-Hop, with Snoop on the drums.

ID: 836057
shutterstock.com, Frederick M. Brown/Stringer

9. Snoopopotamus

GENRE: Psychedelic rock. Like, totally.

ID: 836070
shutterstock.com, Kevin Winter / Getty

10. Snoop Snail

GENRE: “Chopped and Screwed” 90s Grunge… reaaaaaaal slow, my mollusks.

ID: 836101
shutterstock.com, Kevin Winter / Getty

11. Snoopasaurus

GENRE: Death metal.

ID: 835987

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