15 People Who Are Really Excited For New Music

Social media is a place where everyone’s voice can be heard. And people have some very strong opinions about new music, that’s for sure. Sign up for a free Rdio account to hear brand new albums today!

1. This person, who is definitely admitting a little too much (and living in 1999?).

No need! It’s free!

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2. This person, who has their priorities in order.

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3. This guy, who probably can’t wait for the new Goo Goo Dolls joint, “Rebel Beat”.

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4. This girl who is bearing her sugar-coated soul.

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5. This guy who literally took an entire day off to listen to “13” and is not sad. At all.

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6. This whole “taking a day off” thing must be a new trend.

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7. This person who doesn’t judge a book by its cover.

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8. This person who judges everyone, for some reason.

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9. This guy who is getting really coloquial with his boy HZ.

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10. And this person, who is a little too metal for normal society.

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11. This person who is OUTRAGED at ALL OF YOU.

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12. This girl who is NOT sharing.

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13. This person, who has a pretty great game plan for chores.

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14. This person, who is in denial about her love of Country tunage.

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15. And finally, this kid, who probably hasn’t been using the Internet to its full potential.

You’re in luck! It’s out there for free! Get to a computer!

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No need to scrounge for your favorite new music, it’s all 100% free when you sign up for a new Rdio account today!

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