10 Daft Punk Samples You May Have Missed

Daft Punk is legendary for their crate digging, and the world has speculated just how many songs they’ve actually used. See a few of the things they’ve used (or might have used) in their songs, and sign up for a free Rdio account to hear the whole tracks and decide for yourself.

1. Karen Young, “Hot Shot”

Four out of five message boards agree it appears in “Indio Silver Club.”

2. Barry White, “I’m Gonna Love You Just A Little Bit More Baby”

The drums were borrowed for “Da Funk,” according to the very reliable Daft Punk Wiki.

3. The Originals, “Down To Love Town”

Appears throughout “Burnin’”, according to most people who have listened to both simultaneously for two hours.

4. Edwin Birdsong, “Cola Bottle Baby”

Confirmed by the Discovery liner notes and also most people with ears as appearing in “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger.”

5. George Duke, “I Love You More”

Also confirmed in the Discovery liner notes, so no crowdsourced web-investigation necessary. It appears on “Digital Love.”

6. Barry Manilow, “Who’s Been Sleeping In My Bed”

It forms the basis of “Superheroes,” according to the liner notes.

7. ELO, “Evil Woman”

Most Internet conspiracists agree the lick after the phrase “Evil Woman” forms the main riff of “Face To Face.”

8. Cerrone, “Supernature”

At least one major music publication has claimed the original synth hook was slowed down and filtered to become “Veridis Quo.”

9. Sister Sledge, “Il Macquillage Lady”

A cursory glance at whosampled.com would suggest this song is the basis for “Aerodynamic.”

10. Black Sabbath, “Iron Man”

Its supposed presence in “The Brainwasher” is the source of endless commenter debate.

Listen to their brand new album, Random Access Memories, right now, and see if you can identify the album’s singular sample.

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