20 Puppies To Get You Into Christmas Spirit

Here are some adorable puppies to get you into christmas spirit.

1. This one is so cute you just want to put him under your tree

2. This one just couldn’t help himself of falling asleep waiting for santa!

3. “You can call me Rudolph” - He says.

4. “Unwrap me like one of your gifts”

5. Too adorable!

6. “Do I really look like a tree?”

7. Cuteness overload

8. This corgi sometimes has identity crisis and thinks he’s a reindeer.

9. He just want to be a part of all

10. Here is another one who fell asleep waiting for santa.

11. This pug wants your help to untangle himself from this lights

12. These are some Santa corgi-helpers

13. “I think someone has mistaken me with a christmas tree”

14. “You can call me Santa”

16. Can’t handle the cuteness

18. “Oops, was that your gift?”

19. Christmas breakfest is the best!

20. Can’t wait for Christmas!!

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