Stressed Out Animals Who Really Need A Break

Don’t be so hard on yourself. Animals’ lives get plenty hard, too. Here’s some animals that’re just having a rough go of it, and some who finally got the chance to chill out. If you really need a break like these guys, then enter Ford’s Random Acts of Fusion and try at a chance to win an awesomely luxurious stay at Canyon Ranch health spa. posted on

1. This Rat
This rat just got such bad news that all his fur fell off.

2. This Cat
This cat has simply had enough.

3. This Aye-aye
This aye-aye is stressed because he got a bad haircut.

4. This Llama
This llama is stressed because she just found out she has a bunch of cavities.

5. This Cat
This cat is stressed because he already poured his cereal and then realized there’s no milk.

6. This Lemur
This lemur is freaking out because he stayed up a “little late” and missed his job interview.

7. This Dog
This dog needs a break because he just canNOT find his favorite chew toy.

8. This Mouse
This mouse is stressed because he’s probably about to become someone’s lunch.

9. This Dog
This dog is stressed because she got blindsided by a stop-and-chat.

10. This Cat
This cat really needs a break because his owner scheduled him an appointment at the vet.

Here are some animals that are doing it RIGHT.

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