18 Freeing Thoughts About The Government Shutdown

Forget about the awful consequences of the shutdown in the real world. Let’s focus on all the fun anarchy has to offer!

1. “If they keep this up, I won’t have to pay taxes.”

2. “Finally, Judge Judy is the highest court in the land.”

3. “F%$& censorship! Yeah, suck on that FCC.”

I reserve the right to censor myself.

4. “I guess it’s back to paying trolls to get to where we need to go.”

5. “At least the CIA isn’t torturing anyone.”

6. “Who’s in bad shape now, MOBAMA?!”

7. “If there’s no animal control, then now is the perfect time to free all the animals at the zoo.”

Or maybe just the petting zoo.

8. “No government means no war, right?”

Oh wait. That’s actually live footage from Congress.

9. “I’m definitely not coming to a full stop at that pointless stop sign.”

10. “The time is nigh to finally bring back real Four Loko!”


11. “‘I’m going to immediately marry whoever I want!”

12. “See you next year, flu shot.”

13. “Superheroes will have to show themselves since there is no one else to protect us…”

14. “…which hopefully won’t affect the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D budget at all.”

“What do you mean they’re fictional?”

15. “Me and Mom can talk about ANYTHING now that Big Brother isn’t listening.”

16. “Avast! The pirate takeover is imminent.”

I’d follow this man to the ends of the earth.

17. “This might be the first year Big Bird will actually get to fly south for the winter.”

18. “Bonus! I won’t get any junk mail today.”

“They’re still working? Kill me.”

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