17 Christmas Gifts You Could Buy Each American With The Mega Millions Jackpot

Why make a big difference in a small area, when you could make a microscopic difference everywhere?

After tax and inflation are accounted for, the Mega Millions lottery winners will receive a total payout worth about $206 million or 65 cents for every American citizen. What does that buy each of us?

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1. 167 Ladybugs.

In case you want some for yourself, you can purchase them here.

2. 11 Advil Tablets.

Who needs ObamaCare, when we could have LottoCare.

3. A Banana.

No one would go hungry… for about 15 minutes.

4. Just One Duracell AA battery.

Make a difference where it counts. In our remotes.

5. A Justin Bieber “Relaxing” Poster.

Everyone needs one of these anyway.

6. 10 Birthday Candles.

Or 10 excuses to eat a cupcake.

7. 108 Yards of Fishing Line.

Give a man a fish and he eats for a day. Give a man 108 yards of fishing line and you give him floss for a lifetime.

8. A Single Composition Notebook.

The useful facts in these are worth at least 65 cents.

9. 3 Dixon Ticonderoga Number 2 Pencils.


10. 13 Live Goldfish.

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So. Much. Love.

11. 2 Chicken Mcnuggets.

30 billion calories here we come.

12. 7 Ping Pong Balls

Perfect for some holiday fun.

13. One Whole Emergency Thermal Blanket.

So cozy.

14. 12,320 Grains of Rice… Approximately.

Rice will be on everyone! Like… well… white on rice.

15. 3 Diapers.

Better safe than sorry.

16. Half of a Pair of Athletic Socks

In case one of your feet is hotter than the other.

17. 162 Nails.

Perfect for rebuilding our economy!

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