This Puppy Bears An Uncanny Resemblance To Adolf Hitler

But he’s still pretty cute.

1. Patch the puppy, a French bulldog/shih tzu mix, is a perfect doppelgänger for the former leader of the Third Reich.

Ross Parry / Via

But did they had to pose him saluting?

3. “He’s my grandson’s dog, and none of us noticed the likeness until we put a photo on Facebook,” owner Lynda Whitehead told The Northern Echo. When my eldest daughter saw it she said, ‘You’ve got a little Hitler there.’”

4. Whitehead, who hails from York, England, said the dog rarely responds to “Patch” anymore, since people usually just call him “Adolf” or “Hitler.”


Heel, Hitler.

5. Hopefully Patch née Adolph is open to making some like-minded feline friends.


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