This Guy Horribly Singing “All I Want For Christmas Is You” In Public Is An Inspiration

He might not get the words right, but he’s still a hero.

1. YouTube’s Ed Bassmaster has a burning need to sing Mariah Carey’s essential Christmas song, All I Want For Christmas Is You. And he’s going to make as many people as uncomfortable as he can while doing it.

ID: 2190703
ID: 2190704

3. These teens at the mall are like, “Is this real life?”

ID: 2190710

5. While this guy isn’t even attempting to hide his discomfort.

ID: 2190713

7. “No.”

ID: 2190751

8. I just want you for my owwwwwnnnn… More than you could ever knoooowww

ID: 2190715

10. Make my wish come truuuueee … Baby all I want for Christmas is youuuuuu

ID: 2190718

12. He even does a cute little jig.

ID: 2190719

14. That’s the spirit!

ID: 2190727

16. All hail Mariah. And Ed.

ID: 2190728

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