24 Life Lessons You Learn From Growing Up With Your Pet

You can slow down now, time.

1. A lot may change as we get older (and a lot doesn’t!)

14 years later.

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2. But good friends never stop lifting each other up.


“Well, I tried,” wrote Redditor ladydean.

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3. New glasses and a few kitty pounds can’t stop a friendship 15 years in the making.

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4. And a healthy appetite never hurt anyone.

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5. No matter what age, puppy slumber parties never get old.

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6. And dog pillows are forever.

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7. Though sometimes a cuddle is not in order.

21 years later.

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8. Our pets can even teach us life lessons: Like that pink helmets may shrink, but puppies definitely will not.

11 years later.

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9. And that growing up separately doesn’t mean growing apart.


Just a month after soldier Donny Eslinger rescued a puppy named Smoke in Afghanistan, he was seriously injured by a mortar strike. But thanks to Eslinger’s platoon, who raised thousands to have Smoke flown to Florida, the two were finally reunited five months later.

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10. Sharing a birthday will only make you that much closer.


20 years later.

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11. But despite some crazy changes, some things stay pretty much the same.

Baby and horse, 11 years later.

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12. You’re never too old to be carried…


AlmaGordo and Midas, a decade later.

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13. Because let’s face it, getting older is inevitable

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14. But at least everyone gets fuzzier with time.


Gordon Delacroix, the lead singer in Belgium band Recorders, with his dog, ten years later.

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15. And time can be a good thing.

“My pup and me, four years apart.”

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16. But puppy kisses will NEVER be passé.


16 years later.

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17. Often, the best memories are ones that are shared.


Jillian Thomson shared these photos of pup Jesse at six weeks old, then at 13, four weeks before she passed.

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18. And a cat nap is good at any age.

1995, then 2007.

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19. So take a load off!

Brooke with Gatsby, the ever-expanding Poodle, who even has his own Twitter account.

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20. Because you’re only as young as you feel.

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21. And you’re only as relaxed as you let yourself be.

Redditor allyfreddyy with Odin, her rescue St. Bernard.

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22. But don’t worry — some things will never change.

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23. Though every single day can make a difference.

One year later.

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24. And you know they wouldn’t choose anyone else to spend all of those days with.


My dog and I, 15 years apart. The day we met, and the day we said goodbye.”

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