Pranksters Convince Their Friend He’s Been In A Coma For 10 Years After His Fifth DUI

This could either be a hoax or the most elaborate prank-with-a-message of the year.

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2. Ray can be described as a bit of a lush. After his fifth DUI, his friends allegedly decided to play the prank of the century to knock some sense into him (though it’s possible he was in on it).

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4. After he passed out in his truck from drinking, Ray’s friends built a fake hospital room and put him into it while he was still passed out.

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6. A doctor came in and told him the year was 2023, and said his family had been notified. Ray asked to see his daughter.

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8. The “doctor” also put on a fake newscast that said Hillary Clinton was president, “former actress and singer Miley Cyrus” was being evicted from a trailer park, and Justin Bieber was celebrating his anniversary with Dale Earnhardt Jr.

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10. Ray was quiet, and seemed to be in shock.

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11. A second doctor came in. “Can you feel this?” he asked.

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12. “How about this?”

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13. Ray realizes that he’s been had.

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14. But then things get serious.

“Five fucking DUIs. It’s not funny. You could’ve lost your fucking daughter,” his friend says.

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15. Moral of the story:

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