Insane October Snowstorm Slams Midwest

Winter is definitely coming.

1. Over 24 hours, parts of South Dakota and other Great Plains states were walloped with up to three and a half feet of wet, heavy snow. Who’s ready for winter?

3. The National Weather Service said wind gusts of up to 70 mph were recorded in the Black Hills.

6. Besides the snow, thunderstorms also brought heavy rain, hail, and tornadoes in Nebraska, Iowa, and South Dakota.

9. The Weather Channel reported 17 tornadoes across the three states.

12. At least 15 injuries were reported from the tornadoes, and snow was said to be the cause of three deaths from a traffic accident on U.S. 20 in northeast Nebraska.

15. As the cold front moves east, it’s expected to expand south and meet up with teh remnants of Tropical Storm Karen, though it’s not expected to be as devastating as past combination storms like Superstorm Sandy.

17. The damage from the storms are expected to cost millions of dollars.

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