Texas Gorilla Getting Therapy For Being Sexist

Nobody understands him.

1. Everyone’s got some baggage, including Patrick, the Dallas Zoo’s 430-pound female-hating gorilla.

3. After biting and sneering at the zoo’s lady gorillas, 23-year-old bachelor Patrick will be moved to the Riverbanks Zoo and Gardens in Columbia, S.C., who are known for helping gorillas with behavioral problems.

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@DallasZoo We had a wonderful day at the Dallas Zoo. We got up close and personal with Patrick the Gorilla. Amazing!

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5. Though fine interacting with humans, the Western lowland gorilla generally disliked other gorillas and resisted breeding attempts. “It’s become clear that he prefers to live a solitary life,” said Dr. Lynn Kramer, head veterinarian at the Dallas Zoo.

@DallasZoo we love Patrick so much. Wanted to share a picture of the first time my son "met" him about 2 years ago.

— Chris Bonner (@cnbonner)

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@DallasZoo we love Patrick so much. Wanted to share a picture of the first time my son “met” him about 2 years ago.

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7. Up until now the ornery New York-born gorilla has been living in his own habitat, where he hasn’t had to interact with the other animals and can walk around naked all he wants.

Q&A about popular #gorilla Patrick's move from #Dallas:

— The Dallas Zoo (@DallasZoo)

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Q&A about popular #gorilla Patrick’s move from #Dallas:

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9. Zoo officials said they repeatedly tried to socialize Patrick, whose only friend was Jabari, a gorilla who was killed by Dallas police after a 2004 escape where he injured three people.

11. The zoo will host goodbye celebrations for Patrick this week, and wasted no time finding a high-profile replacement for him: The two new males they’ve acquired from the Calgary Zoo include YouTube star Zola, the breakdancing gorilla.

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