Taylor Swift Has Been Writing Incredible Comments On Her Fan’s Instagram Pictures

You and Taylor, BFFs 4ever.

1. Human manifestation of a sunbeam Taylor Swift has found time to leave some amazingly thoughtful and inspiring comments on her fan’s Instagram pictures.

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3. While celebs like Justin Bieber often follow their fans back or even favorite their tweets, Swift — the highest paid musician of the last year — has taken it a step further by writing directly to fans about their experiences.

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5. She’s more supportive than, like, your own mom.

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6. And she’s also basically your best friend who thinks all of your jokes are super funny.

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7. Taylor Swift appreciates you.

“This is what I’ve been living for. Taylor swift knows what I look like, she knows I love her. I used to write letters to her when I was 8 and I would ask my mom or sister to send it to her. I freak out whenever I see her face anywhere I go whether it’s at a store or on someone’s phone!!! She’s so gorgeous and talented there’s many reasons to love this perfect person. Thank you for now making my life 100000 times better, Taylor”

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8. Plus, she is totaly down to make fun of herself.

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9. LOL, being famous, amiright?

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10. Her comments sometimes give a neat insight into little-known-facts about her private life.

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11. Swift’s rep confirmed to the Washington Post that she does, in fact, run her own Instagram account.

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12. She even supports your baking hobby. She would totally encourage you to eat that second cupcake.

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13. Basically, she’s your biggest fan.

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14. And she has a special way of knowing exactly the right thing to say.

“I don’t know what to say. This happened last night and I’m so thankful. @taylorswift thank you for being in my life. I’m crying.”

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15. You’re too good to us, Tay Sway.

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h/t Washington Post

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