“SNL” Made The “First Black Movie For A White Audience”

“Are we going to get in trouble for this?”

1. Saturday Night Live pushed the envelope last night with a mock trailer for fake film White Christmas, a Tyler Perry-esque movie with a white cast.

3. It was “everything you’d expect from a black holiday movie, but with white people in it,” the voice-over said.

4. “Women snapping peas…”

5. “A gun-toting grandma…”

6. “…and a guy wearing a necklace over a turtleneck.”

7. “The Macklemore of movies,” Essence magazine said in the trailer.

8. Though the skit had its moments, not everyone was comfortable with the subject matter, which has been contested this year.

oh wow i am kind of insanely offended by white christmas on snl. and thats really hard to do. #SNL

— birddinternet (@mg)

is it me or is this "White Christmas" skit THE MOST uncomfortable skit SNL has ever had

— WreckItCaro (@Carolina Hernandez)

Yikes! The "White Christmas" SNL spoof is making me really uncomfortable. Perhaps I'm too uptight but...

— cicidrums (@Cici)

12. The irony was only enhanced by the fact that SNL has come under fire this year for their lack of minority cast members, especially women.

14. Leave it to Jay Pharoah to say what everyone is thinking:

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