Emotional Video Shows How Adopting A Dog Can Make Everything Better

Here come the feelings.

1. London’s Mayhew Animal Home has a message for people who feel a little lost in life.

ID: 2581349
ID: 2581226

3. When mean people are ganging up on you…

ID: 2581336

4. Or some guys at the door are giving you a hard time…

ID: 2581337

5. Or no one will give you the time of day…

ID: 2581335

6. And you feel totally invisible…

ID: 2581339

7. Guess what could be waiting for you at home?

ID: 2581338

8. A dog!

ID: 2581340

9. Your best friend!

ID: 2581341

10. He is so excited to see you!

ID: 2581342

11. The message? Adoption can change your life.

ID: 2581345

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