A Cop At D.C. Pride Kissed His Boyfriend To Piss Off The Westboro Baptist Church

Love wins again.

1. During D.C. Pride last weekend, Officer D.J. Stalter decided to take a stand against the hateful protesting by the Westboro Baptist Church by kissing his boyfriend in front of the group’s homophobic protest signs.

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Mark Raimondo / Via thegailygrind.com
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3. It definitely worked, with the church angrily tweeting the photo out.

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4. Stalter’s boyfriend, Mark Raimondo, also shared a picture of the two fighting the hate with love on his Instagram:

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“Warm welcomes from WBC. Happy Pride,” he wrote.

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6. Fortunately, Raimondo’s followers were all for the couple’s kissing protest.

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8. “Love will overcome,” one user wrote.

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h/t Huffington Post

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