23 Awkward Engagement Pictures That Will Make Being Single Feel So Good

Someone fire these photographers. Big thanks to this Tumblr.

1. This snapshot of a couple who couldn’t be bothered to look behind them.

ID: 3246631

2. This couple who ate too many balloons.

ID: 3246599

3. This woman who’s marrying a ghost.

ID: 3246642

4. This living Photoshop disaster.

ID: 3246595

5. This trashy engagement.

ID: 3246605

6. This attempt to kill grandma.

ID: 3248922

7. These aspiring softcore porn actors.

ID: 3246591

8. These future models for Knitting Monthly.

ID: 3246611

9. This exercise in minimal garden design.

ID: 3246620

10. CSI’s biggest fans.

ID: 3246617

11. This lesson that old trends die hard.

ID: 3249212

12. These human hamsters.

ID: 3246624

13. This extremely sensual moment.

ID: 3246677

14. This couple who have strongly differing opinions on leaves.

ID: 3246639

15. This one to show the kids.

ID: 3249296

16. This evidence that photographers are severely underpaid.

ID: 3246658

17. This proof that sometimes stalking is the way to her heart.

ID: 3246678

18. This couple who found a good time to prepare for the apocalypse.

ID: 3246652

19. This proof that love really does lift you up (and up, and up).

ID: 3246679

20. This couple who bit off more than they could chew.

ID: 3246667

21. This attempt to prove that size doesn’t matter.

ID: 3246681

22. This lesson in time management.

ID: 3246670

23. This happy moment.

ID: 3246637

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