This Hilarious Tampon Ad Perfectly Captures How Awkward Puberty Can Be

I definitely need to meet a “vagician.”

1. Tampon startup HelloFlo, which sends monthly menstruation care packages, has followed up its awesome “Camp Gyno” ad from last summer with this bit of period perfection:

ID: 3169986
ID: 3169812

3. The spot perfectly captures that weird position young girls find themselves in when all of their friends have gotten their periods…except them.

ID: 3170002

4. This time around, Katie has decided to take matters into her own hands, by faking her flow.

ID: 3170014

5. Though Katie’s mom knows the Florida-resembling stain is a fraud (“periods don’t have glitter”), she decides to subtly retaliate by throwing Katie a “First Moon Party” to celebrate.

ID: 3170037

6. What’s a “First Moon Party,” you ask? Well, it involves activities like “pin the pad on the period.”

ID: 3170048

7. Also, uterus piñatas.

ID: 3170060

8. And then her dad shows up.


ID: 3170066

9. Fake or not, Katie still gets her “period starter kit.” Plus decades worth of humiliating memories. Welcome to womanhood, kid.

ID: 3170080

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