31 Devastating Images Of Typhoon Haiyan’s Destruction

The category 5 typhoon was one of the strongest storms in recorded history.

Updated — Nov. 10, 9:55 a.m. ET

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1. Typhoon Haiyan, one of the strongest typhoons ever to make landfall, devastated the central Philippines on Nov. 9. As many as 10,000 are feared dead, according to some reports.

Philippines / Reuters

An aerial view shows damaged houses on a coastal community after Typhoon Haiyan hit Iloilo Province in the central Philippines on Nov. 9.

ID: 1942582
Romeo Ranoco / Reuters

A survivor walks amid the debris of houses destroyed in Tacloban.

ID: 1944799
Romeo Ranoco / Reuters

Debris hang on a basketball post near thousands of houses damaged after super Typhoon Haiyan battered Tacloban city.

ID: 1944751
Romeo Ranoco / Reuters

Empty coffins lie on a street near houses damaged in Tacloban.

ID: 1944756
Romeo Ranoco / Reuters

Thousands of homes were destroyed in Tacloban.

ID: 1944758
Philippines / Reuters

A mother takes refuge with her children in Cebu city on Nov. 8.

ID: 1942639
Erik De Castro / Reuters

A collapsed building is seen after Super Typhoon Haiyan battered the city of Tacloban.

ID: 1942863
Romeo Ranoco / Reuters

A father looks at his daughter’s body inside a chapel.

ID: 1942613
Erik De Castro / Reuters

Overturned vehicles are seen outside a damaged airport.

ID: 1942604
Erik De Castro / Reuters

Survivors wait for medical assistance.

ID: 1942600
Philippines / Reuters

An aerial view shows damaged houses in the central Philippines.

ID: 1942580
Romeo Ranoco / Reuters

A survivor holds a statue of Jesus Christ, her only saved belonging, after the typhoon.

ID: 1942687
Bullit Marquez / AP

A woman stands amid the devastation in Tacloban.

ID: 1942683
Erik De Castro / Reuters

Residents fetch water from an artesian well.

ID: 1942601
Romeo Ranoco / Reuters

A mother and her son walk under damaged electric cables. The massive storm forced millions of people to flee to safer ground, cutting power lines and blowing apart houses.

ID: 1942602
Bullit Marquez / AP

Residents look at bodies wrapped in blankets inside a damaged chapel.

ID: 1942650
Romeo Ranoco / Reuters

Survivors assess the damage from the Category 5 typhoon.

ID: 1942603
Erik De Castro / Reuters

A view inside a damaged airport.

ID: 1942605
Erik De Castro / Reuters

Debris litters a damaged airport in Tacloban.

ID: 1942606
Romeo Ranoco / Reuters

Survivors carry a person killed in the storm.

ID: 1942607
Erik De Castro / Reuters

The damaged control tower of Tacloban airport is seen after the typhoon.

ID: 1942608
Stringer / Reuters

Residents look at the damaged village hall in Janiuay, in Iloilo province.

ID: 1942611
Romeo Ranoco / Reuters

Survivors who lost their homes use a Jeepney public bus as shelter.

ID: 1942609
Romeo Ranoco / Reuters

Residents wait near Tacloban’s damaged airport for relief goods on Nov. 9.

ID: 1942617
Romeo Ranoco / Reuters

Many houses near an airport were demolished.

ID: 1942615
Aaron Favila / AP

Residents pull relief goods by dead bodies in the street.

ID: 1942664
Aaron Favila / AP

A survivor carries relief goods among the devastation in Tacloban.

ID: 1942656
Handout / Reuters

Residents recover the body of a victim.

ID: 1942620
Bullit Marquez / AP

Survivors sift through the rubble of their damaged house.

ID: 1942637
AP Photo/ABS-CBN via AP Video

In this image from ABS-CBN video, residents wade through a flooded street caused by Typhoon Haiyan, in Mindoro, Philippines.

ID: 1942675
Aaron Favila / AP Photo

Residents sit on a curb outside their damaged house.

ID: 1942647

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