The 33 Most Deeply Upsetting Food Surprises

Sometimes terrible things happen to good food.

1. When you pour out a bowl full of Cheerio dust.

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2. When you bite into an apple and it’s MUSHY.

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3. When you get a crack-less pistachio.

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5. When you look forward to leftovers all day and come home to find them…eaten.

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6. When you pour a full bowl of cereal and realize the milk carton is empty.

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7. When you peel a clementine and find a horribly dry, shriveled interior.

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8. When your taco shell cracks and dumps everything on the first bite.


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9. When you forget to stir natural peanut butter and it gets clumpy and dry at the bottom and you CAN’T GET IT OUT.

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10. When your ice cream falls off the cone.

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11. When the person who sliced your bagel didn’t understand the concept of “halves.”

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12. When the sugar was actually salt.

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13. And vice versa.

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14. When the milk you just put in your coffee was actually soy milk.

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15. When the chocolate chips are actually raisins.

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16. When the cookies are actually dog treats.

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17. When you accidentally eat paper.

ID: 820418

Sometimes a lot of paper.

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18. When you thought the cookie was going to be chewy, but it’s crunchy.

ID: 820449

19. When you cut up a watermelon and it’s all mealy.

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20. When pickles creep on your grilled cheese and the corner gets all soggy.

ID: 820467

21. When they label your burrito instead of the wrapper.

Sami Promisloff
ID: 820483

22. When you notice halfway through a recipe that it says “let rest overnight.”

ID: 820577

23. When you’re eating Milk Duds and your tooth falls out.

ID: 820592

24. When something that’s supposed to have shrimp in it has, like, only two shrimp.


ID: 820798

25. When your coffee is full of coffee mud.

ID: 820837

26. When the soy sauce comes out of the bottle too quickly and all of a sudden it’s ALL OVER EVERYTHING.

ID: 820839

29. This.

ID: 819098

32. And worst of all…THIS.

ID: 819771

33. Also, when chocolate chips are actually lentils.

This has only ever happened to one person in the world.

ID: 820954

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