The 22 Best Ways To Eat Easter Peeps

‘Tis the season for tiny pastel marshmallow animals!

1. Dress Peeps to impress in chocolate tuxedos.

Ready to attend Peeps prom. Instructions here.

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2. Hide bunnies behind Oreo truffle eggs to make peeking Peeps.

Instructions here.

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3. Make candy grass skirts for a Peeps luau vibe.

Instructions here.

ID: 1005493

4. Pit Peeps bunnies against each other for a high-stakes race.

Here’s how to build their little vehicles with Twinkie seats and marshmallow wheels and tiny pretzel steering wheeeeeeeeels!

ID: 998053

5. Just don’t let them drink and drive.

This cocktail’s Peep-pink hue is achieved with grapefruit juice, rose syrup, and Patrón.

ID: 1005488

6. Make “magician’s hat” bunny snacks with marshmallows and Oreos.

HeLLO there! Here’s how.

ID: 1005553

7. Shower your friends with Peeps kebabs.

Instructions here.

ID: 1005509

8. Layer on frosted Rice Krispies Treats to make Peeps pops.

Instructions here.

ID: 1005653

9. Invite Peeps to nest in your hot chocolate.

ID: 1005787

10. You can put anything on a candy-coated pretzel rod. Choose Peeps.

Get the recipe for these slightly crucifixionesque (sorry!) snacks here.

ID: 1005574

11. Let Peeps strut their stuff on these pea(p)cock cupcakes.

Instructions for how to frost them here.

ID: 1005856

12. Dip in chocolate to make simple Peeps pops.

Recipe here.

ID: 1005945

13. Or let your Peeps go for an exciting, interactive dip in chocolate fondue.

Recipe here.

ID: 1005973

14. Use Peeps to decorate a frosted cake.

ID: 1005849

Maybe even…a Peep-a-dot cake!

Instructions for this miracle here.

ID: 1005851

15. You can also take a deconstructionist approach. Care for some peepcorn?

Full instructions here.

ID: 1005491

16. Peeps s’mores are way more fun than normal s’mores.

Oooh, pretty colors. Instructions here.

ID: 1005554

17. Classy brownie bars appeal even to Peeps detractors.

Get the recipe here.

ID: 1005485

18. Bake Peeps on pizza to make…a PEEPZA.

More info here.

ID: 1005799

19. Or try this chocolate-covered cookie spin on Peepza.

Recipe here.

ID: 1005654

20. Turn Rice Krispies Treats pretty colors by using Peeps instead of regular marshmallows.

Here’s how.

ID: 1005801

21. Sprinkle Peeps bits into pancake batter to make Peepcakes.

Idea from i.e. ice cream.

ID: 1005955

22. Lastly, if you’re all Peepsed out, you could express your feelings by burying Peeps in a chocolate trifle.

This seems so, I don’t know, MORBID AND TERRIBLE? Recipe here.

ID: 1005971

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