29 T-Shirts That Understand Exactly How You Feel About Food

Oh my god, you get me.

1. You have a lot of strong ideas about food.

ID: 2896732

2. You’re basically hungry all the time.

ID: 2896899

3. Hungry in all situations.

ID: 2897233

4. For what? Honestly, anything.

ID: 2897154

5. No, make that…everything.

ID: 2896939

6. But not, like, hungry enough to do anything about it yourself.

ID: 2896580

7. That’s someone else’s job.

ID: 2896883

8. And they better make it snappy.

ID: 2896923

9. Because if the problem isn’t addressed, things get ugly.

ID: 2896634

10. Or just straight-up pathetic.

ID: 2896477

11. Let’s face it, you have priorities other than being in really good shape.

ID: 2896619

12. Important priorities.

ID: 2896823

13. Delicious priorities.

ID: 2896680

14. You know you have food to thank for basically everything.

ID: 2897041

15. You know food is going to be there for you.

ID: 2897196

16. Food is your life partner.

ID: 2897284

17. Food will never give you up…

ID: 2896708

18. …never let you down…

ID: 2896719

19. …never run around…

ID: 2896905

20. …or desert you.

ID: 2896645

21. Unlike some people.

ID: 2896843

22. But whatever, screw the haters.

ID: 2896934

23. You don’t need them.

ID: 2897298

24. Of course, there are a few foods you have to watch out for.

ID: 2896702

25. But for the most part, food is just a magical and perfect thing.

ID: 2896625

26. It fills your life with poetic beauty.

ID: 2897281

27. It brings people together.

ID: 2897083

28. It makes you feel special.

ID: 2896631

29. And that’s all in addition to, like, keeping you alive.

We’ve come full circle.

ID: 2896796

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