Some Questions For The New Girl Scout Cookie

The Girl Scouts are selling a new cookie this year. We chatted with the exotic Mango Creme With NutriFusion™ to learn more about it.

Who took that bite out of you? How did it make you feel? Are they still alive?

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Meet the newest addition to the Girl Scout Cookie troop: Mango Creme With Nutrifusion™. This is a cookie that promises exciting things.

But who, really, can say that they know the true Mango Creme With NutriFusion™? It is a cookie full of secrets and mysteries. We sat down with the cookie to learn more.

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3. BuzzFeed: Tell us, what is NutriFusion™?

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4. Mango Creme With NutriFusion™:

NutriFusion™ is a delicious new way to get your vitamins! Like I said.

ID: 810164

5. Q: But, like, what…IS it?

ID: 810177

6. A:

Oh, you know, nutrients from natural whole food concentrate. As I state in my ingredients list, these include “cranberry, pomegranate, orange, grape, strawberry, shiitake mushrooms.”

ID: 810194

7. Q: Wait, you’re made out of shiitake mushrooms?

ID: 810214

8. A:

Don’t even worry about it.

ID: 810224

9. Q: OK, well, how much mango is inside of you?

ID: 810100

10. A:

Zero mango. My ingredients do not, in fact, include mango or any mango-derived substances. I do, however, include “the taste of mango”!

ID: 810105

11. Q: So, are you at least *good* for me?

ID: 810314

12. A:

No trans fats, hydrogenated oils, or preservatives — just pure island delight!

ID: 810324

13. Q: How many calories are there in “pure island delight”?

ID: 810334

14. A:

There are 180 calories in a serving of pure island delight. A serving is three cookies.

ID: 810337

15. Q: So you’re actually less healthy than, say, shortbread Girl Scout Cookies?

ID: 810350

16. A:


ID: 810351

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