37 People Who Are Worse At Cooking Than You

It takes real effort to screw food up this badly. Respect.

1. The person who thought this was a fun idea.

2. The person who tried to make these s’more cookies.

4. The person who tried to cook pasta in a coffee maker.

5. The person who tried to bake this pizza.

Gotta use protection.

9. The person who forgot that cheese melts.

10. The person who baked these cupcakes.

12. And these cupcakes.

13. And these cupcakes.

14. And these cupcakes.

15. The person who made whatever this is.

16. And…this.


17. The person who ruined this waffle iron.

18. The person who decided to use this as a colander.

Well…this is arguably a win. Kind of brilliant.

19. The person who forgot how to use an electric kettle.

20. The person who set this pasta on fire.

21. The person who frosted this cake.

24. The person who tried to make these kiwi pops.

25. The person who tried to cook eggs this way.

26. The person who came up with this great spaghetti squash “hack.”

27. The person who accomplished this.

Truly impressive.

28. The person who cooked this rice.

29. The person who sliced this cabbage.

30. The person who made whatever these are.

31. The person who tried to bake this this “single-serving cookie.”

32. The person who cooked this pasta.

33. The person who fried these eggs.

34. The person who baked these cookies.

You know what melts? Plastic!

35. The person who did this to an innocent doughnut.


36. The person who thought Goldfish ham salad sounded like a great idea.

That does NOT look like a healthy aquatic environment for those fishies.

37. And last, but NOT least: Steven Reed.

Host of Weber Cooks, the saddest cooking show in the universe. Have you seen the video? You should see the video.

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