37 People Who Are Worse At Cooking Than You

It takes real effort to screw food up this badly. Respect.

1. The person who thought this was a fun idea.

ID: 869168

2. The person who tried to make these s’more cookies.

ID: 869060

3. This guy.

ID: 869466

4. The person who tried to cook pasta in a coffee maker.

ID: 869258

5. The person who tried to bake this pizza.

Gotta use protection.

ID: 868949

6. And this pizza.

ID: 873840

8. And this pizza.

ID: 873843

9. The person who forgot that cheese melts.

ID: 869088

10. The person who baked these cupcakes.

ID: 868945

11. And these cupcakes.

ID: 873873

12. And these cupcakes.

ID: 873874

13. And these cupcakes.

ID: 869260

14. And these cupcakes.

ID: 873881

15. The person who made whatever this is.

ID: 873903

16. And…this.


ID: 878304

17. The person who ruined this waffle iron.

ID: 869069

18. The person who decided to use this as a colander.

Well…this is arguably a win. Kind of brilliant.

ID: 873912

19. The person who forgot how to use an electric kettle.

ID: 873915

20. The person who set this pasta on fire.

ID: 873920

21. The person who frosted this cake.

ID: 873938

23. And this cake.

ID: 873954

24. The person who tried to make these kiwi pops.

ID: 869083

25. The person who tried to cook eggs this way.

ID: 873941

26. The person who came up with this great spaghetti squash “hack.”

ID: 878660

27. The person who accomplished this.

Truly impressive.

ID: 878668

28. The person who cooked this rice.

ID: 873945

29. The person who sliced this cabbage.

ID: 873947

30. The person who made whatever these are.

ID: 873952

31. The person who tried to bake this this “single-serving cookie.”

ID: 873956

32. The person who cooked this pasta.

ID: 873999

33. The person who fried these eggs.

ID: 874009

34. The person who baked these cookies.

You know what melts? Plastic!

ID: 874014

35. The person who did this to an innocent doughnut.


ID: 878294

36. The person who thought Goldfish ham salad sounded like a great idea.

That does NOT look like a healthy aquatic environment for those fishies.

ID: 878296

37. And last, but NOT least: Steven Reed.

Host of Weber Cooks, the saddest cooking show in the universe. Have you seen the video? You should see the video.

ID: 878207

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