17 Kinds Of “Sushi” That Ain’t Fooling Anyone

Hey, you’re not sushi. You’re just a sneaky banana!

1. Peeps Sushi

Please don’t encourage the Peeps.

ID: 1151433

2. Ice Cream Sushi

Listen, I know from ice cream.

ID: 1151394

3. Sandwich Sushi

Sure, you could eat this for lunch if you’re an elf or enjoy feeling unsatisfied. Alternative: Eat a real sandwich. Alternative #2: Eat real sushi.

ID: 1151557

4. Strawberry Shortcake Sushi

No complaints, delightful.

ID: 1151555

5. Candy Sushi

Just looking at this makes my molars hurt.

ID: 1151562

6. Fast Food Sushi

“Baconator, bacon and french fry sushi” brought to you by Epic Meal Time, naturally.

ID: 1151604

7. Peanut Butter Sushi

Won’t lie, if I were 9 years old I would be all about this.

ID: 1151452

8. Macaroni And Cheese Sushi

A+ for concept. Still not sushi.

ID: 1151695

9. Banana Sushi

Yo, not only is that not sushi, it’s freaking with an otherwise blameless banana. No good can come of this.

ID: 1151648

10. Tiramisushi

You’re not even trying.

ID: 1151765

11. Burrito Sushi

Putting this junk in an actual seaweed wrapper takes some nerve.

ID: 1151785

12. Omelette Sushi

What’s the goal here, even?

ID: 1151754

13. Cake Sushi

Those pastry cream blobs are like horrifying little grinning teeth. Take it away, please.

ID: 1151725

14. Lego Sushi


ID: 1151763

15. Crocheted Sushi

Hahahahahaha why do they have tiny faces, this is uncomfortable?

ID: 1151665

16. Cat Sushi

You’re not fooling anyone, cat.

ID: 1151678

17. Baby Sushi


ID: 1151766

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