How To Throw The Best Election Party Ever

No matter who wins, everyone will agree that you’re awesome.

1. First, DIY some cute invites.

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2. Get the place spruced up.

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3. Make sure the dog has something to wear.

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4. And that you do too.

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5. You’ll want a playlist to keep things lively. Start with the Meat Loaf slow jams…

Hey, better than this.

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6. And work your way up to some Pitbull.

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7. Prep a few dance moves (in case of victory).

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8. Get all your screens up and running.

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9. Put out games to keep guests entertained.

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10. And don’t forget to keep track of the results.

Chalkboard map for sale on Etsy.

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11. To drink, how about a red, white, and blue mojito?

Recipe at Fashionably Bombed. If you’re not the kind of person who keeps edible silver glitter stars on hand, get them at a craft store or here (and maybe rethink your life choices).

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12. Or just do shots all around.

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13. Set out plenty of bipartisan coasters.

For sale (35% off!) on Etsy.

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14. And swizzle sticks.

For sale on Etsy.

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15. Stock up on snacks.

Get a recipe for red, white, and blue popcorn at Phenomenon.

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16. Serve some burgers for the Obama fans…

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17. And meatloaf for the Romney crowd.

Get Ann Romney’s special birthday Meatloaf Cakes recipe from the New York Times!

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18. If you fry anything, make sure the pans are patriotic.

Made by FeLion studios.

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19. No matter who wins, try not to let dessert get too combative.

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20. Pie knows no party lines.

Recipe at The Kitchn.

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21. You could also pretend you’re going to make these candy bars.

Recipe at Cherry Tea Cakes.

ID: 671528

22. Or a ninja interior-flag cake.

Recipe at I Am Baker.

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23. But it’s more likely you’ll just ice a few cookies.

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24. Or, let’s be honest, do this.

ID: 674006

25. When it’s all over, don’t let the dishes sit around too long.

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26. And remember: Being busy party-planning is no excuse not to VOTE on Tuesday!

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