25 People Who Are Single For A Reason

Maybe some people just want to be alone forever.

2. This guy who’s just too nice:

3. This guy who may be overthinking things:

6. This person taking things to a weird place:

7. This man who’s upfront about his shortcomings:

Remember: Honesty is not always the best policy.

8. This guy who really wants to get to know you:

9. AND this one:

Note to straight white boys: This is literally NEVER the correct approach.

11. This guy who’s just being logical:

Remember, everyone, you are communicating with another human being.

12. This restless dreamer:

13. This fearless experimenter:

14. This eloquent communicator:

15. Chlamydia Lydia

Greeeeeat choice.

16. This — ahagahghgh why

17. This very cool cat:

Before you message, familiarize yourself with the hip slang!

20. This early riser:

21. This follower of the dark lord:

25. And last but absolutely not least, this very special man:

…I mean, I hate to say it, but probably.

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