33 Babies Devouring Their First Birthday Cake

In life, it’s all downhill from your first encounter with frosting.

1. This baby who doesn’t need your judgment:

ID: 3168801

2. This baby having a spiritual moment:

ID: 3168836

3. This baby who just came to and has no idea how any of this happened:

ID: 3166860

4. This baby who just caught a very fresh crab:

ID: 3168737

5. This baby going FULL-BODY:

Watch the video here.

ID: 3166758

6. This baby who’s going to need a serious cleanup crew:

ID: 3167089

7. This baby who’s basically an inspirational poster IRL:

Luke's first birthday cake. #cakeface

— John Shuster (@Shoostie2010)
ID: 3166738

8. This baby who is winning so hard at life right now:

ID: 3167269

9. This baby who’s just like, ‘sup? Can I help you?

Our granddaughter loved her 1st birthday cake!

— Lynn (@Chiefsfan2164)
ID: 3166868

10. This baby who will not be stopped:

ID: 3167183

11. This baby who could not be more stoked about his choices:

ID: 3167125

12. This baby formulating a deep philosophical theory on frosting:

Twin, Brendyn enjoys his first birthday cake!

— Nick & Cassie Berry (@5WildBerrys)
ID: 3166552

13. This baby who’s allllmost figured out where his mouth is:

ID: 3166503

14. This baby who’s just like, what? You got something to say?

Baby Brax eating his first birthday cake☺️

— rιssα (@Marissa_Lynnnnn)
ID: 3166653

15. This baby who’s not wasting any time:

Ms. Josie taking a bite out of her very first birthday cake! That's the best way to do it, face first!

ID: 3166704

16. This baby who’s well aware of his own baller status:

Action shot from earlier today. Judah did the Hulk Smash on his first birthday cake. #hulksmash #birthdaycake

— Ryan Gloer (@ryangloer)
ID: 3166723

17. This baby who just found a great alternative to conditioner:

ID: 3168837

18. This baby who’s giving himself a well-deserved round of applause:


— amanda (@blouharrybread)
ID: 3166821

19. This fearsome pirate:

ID: 3168871

20. This baby who’s mad as hell and isn’t gonna take it anymore:

Brooklyn's 1st birthday #cake

— Bryan T (@BrynTrpp)
ID: 3167009

21. This baby who knows you can’t resist his charms:

ID: 3167227

22. This vicious cake killer:

Cake happened here— Her 1st cake for her 1st birthday. My precious Sadie Day Vincent turned 1 year old yesterday.

— Tony Vincent (@TonyTheVincent)
ID: 3166959

23. This princess who’s not worried that her cake is bigger than her body:

ID: 3167223

24. This baby girl who’s just GOING for it:

My niece, digging into her first birthday cake

— Sunah Suh (@sunahsuh)
ID: 3166830

25. This baby taking the opportunity to moisturize:

Happy 1st Birthday to my little princess AG3 (aka Josephine Sloane, aka Sophie)! She got absolutely cake faced #fb

— Pete Andersen (@PeterChristian)
ID: 3166944

26. This baby who’s scared of his own awesome power:

ID: 3167267

27. This baby who means BUSINESS:

ID: 3167271

28. This baby who’d love to share with you:

ID: 3168750

29. This baby initiating a passionate makeout sesh with her cake:

Charlotte loved her first birthday cake. #NoHands

— David Ambrose (@misterambrose)
ID: 3166647

30. This baby who just remembered to come up for air:

ID: 3168834

31. This baby who’s keeping his cake for himself, thanks:

ID: 3168872

32. This baby who’s exactly where he wants to be right now:

ID: 3168896

33. This baby who can’t believe it’s all gone already:

ID: 3168765

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