7 Places Raisins Do Not Belong

According to *some* people, anyway. There’s room for many voices in this debate.

@BuzzFeedFood What are we talking? Cookies: Sure! Oatmeal: GET THE FUCK OUT.

— Twanzio (@Anthony Berry)

Not sure if this oatmeal I'm eating is expired but I'm definitely sure it wasn't supposed to have raisins in it.

— harmonyjoyyy (@Harmony)

I don't care for all these raisins in my oatmeal

— BabiiCakez_718 (@lღɑƞi Aყɑƞƞɑ ツ)

The guy at the coffee place put raisins in my oatmeal!!!! I HATE RAISINS! No one talk to me for the rest of the day!

— AYORotnie (@Andrew PerkinsHanley)

I thought it might be a good idea to put raisins in my oatmeal this morning. So, as of 06:34, it's been a bad day.

— JanzenBrycen (@Brycen Dwayne Janzen)

3. Outside of chocolate.

Only if they're chocolate covered ... and even still. RT @BuzzFeedFood: RAISINS v. NO RAISINS? Discuss.

— ZCollegeLife (@Zen College Life)

@BuzzFeedFood All raisins must be coated in dark chocolate. Trader Joe's are the best, IMO.

— WeHavetaFixThat (@We Haveta Fix That!)

"@BuzzFeedFood: RAISINS v. NO RAISINS? Discuss." Only acceptable if covered in chocolate. In my cookies or anything else? - No thanks!

— cam_elisa (@Elisa)

4. In surprising places.

For example: next to a rabbit.

there is nothing worse than surprise raisins RT @samir Yes, but I need advanced warning. RT @BuzzFeedFood: RAISINS v. NO RAISINS? Discuss.

— MimiPh (@Mimi)

@imsabbah Raisins in baked goods should be illegal. Worst surprise ever.

— MelanieJEaston (@Melanie Easton)

A raisin in a curry is a terrible surprise. *wipes tongue on napkin

— littlefoxrocks (@Liza Christie)

I don't like how my mom sneaks raisins into the stuff she cooks. It's a nasty surprise in every bite.

— TheWrongQueen (@Diane ♔)

5. In places where there could have been chocolate chips.

@doreeshafrir @BuzzFeedFood no raisins ever, no thanks. Gross! especially when they look like chocolate chips in oatmeal cookies

— eqx1979 (@Chrysanthe Tenentes)

@Candide76 @BuzzFeedFood But now they hide in cookies & fool you into thinking they are chocolate chips. Evil, evil things.

— turnageb (@Bryant Turnage)

Raisin cookies that look like chocolate chip cookies are the main reason #Sagittarius have trust issues.

— WeSagittarius (@We Sagittarius)

Dear Raisin cookies that look like chocolate chip cookies, FUCK YOU.

— ImTheDictator (@The Dictator)

yes. also raisins cause kidney failure RT @chinkeepchan is it true that grapes are also bad for dogs?

— kuyakim_atienza (@kim atienza)

@BuzzFeedFood Enjoyable yet poisonous to a dog.

— ladellemurphy (@Laura Murphy)

Did you know that some human foods are not suitable for dogs - Grapes, raisins, chocolate and cooked onions can all be fatal!

— cooldogclub (@Cool Dog Club)

@BuzzFeedFood No raisins in anything ever thx

— glennrd (@Glenn Davis)

@BuzzFeedFood Never. Raisins were one of the curses the God of Abraham sent to Egypt.

— turnageb (@Bryant Turnage)

No raisins. Ever. RT @BuzzFeedFood: RAISINS v. NO RAISINS? Discuss.

— lilgayafg (@Hadeis)

@BuzzFeedFood No raisins. EVER.

— gwenofmn (@Gwen Graika)

FUCK A RAISIN cc: @moetkacik RT @doreeshafrir: THE GREAT RAISIN DEBATE OF 2012 HAS BEGUN RT @BuzzFeedFood: RAISINS v. NO RAISINS? Discuss.

— a_butler (@Adam Butler)

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