24 Bubbly Cocktails For Your New Years Party

Because everything’s better with bubbles. Cheers!

1. Oscar Buzz Cocktail

Blood orange, so glam. Recipe from Aida Mollenkamp.

ID: 743355

2. French 75

THE iconic champagne cocktail. Perfect in every way. Recipe at Bon Appétit.

ID: 743414

3. Black Velvet Cocktail

50% Guinness, 50% champagne, 100% YOLO.

ID: 743257

4. Cherry Temple

This one’s cute but it ain’t for kids. Recipe at Effortless Chic.

ID: 743227

6. Pink Champagne Punch

Dead simple (use bottled pomegranate juice) and very festive. Recipe at Gourmet.

ID: 743442

7. Champagne Mint Mojito

You don’t have to use pink champagne, but all the cool kids are doing it. Just saying. Recipe at Be Filled Up.

ID: 743224

8. Champagne Cocktail

Angostura bitters make a simple, old-fashioned, and super-classy drink. Recipe at The Kitchn.

ID: 743332

9. Ruby Champagne Cocktail

Grapefruit may be controversial, but I think we can all agree that it plays nice with booze. Recipe at Bon Appétit.

ID: 743346

10. Kir Royale

This uses crème de cassis, which sounds fancy, but it’s just currant-flavored liqueur. And look, it makes such a pretty color! Recipe at Martha Stewart.

ID: 743216

11. Elderflower Champagne Cocktail

If you really want to be a trendsetter, you should just refuse hereforth to drink anything that doesn’t involve St. Germain. Recipe at Zested.

ID: 743247

12. Champagne & Orange Cocktail

Your basic mimosa + a classy splash of Grand Marnier and bitters. Recipe at The Endless Meal.

ID: 743279

13. Pomegranate Champagne Punch

Go big or go home. Recipe at Bon Appétit.

ID: 743298

14. The Brooklyn Beauty

Lemon + gin + sparkle + St. Germain = possibly the most delightful alcoholic beverage known to man. Recipe at Crepes of Wrath.

ID: 743363

16. Grapefruit Sorbet & Champagne Float

Hold the phone, did someone just say SORBET ~ IN ~ CHAMPAGNE? Recipe at Serious Eats.

ID: 743391

17. Sweet & Sour Champagne Mojito

Recipe at Tasty Trials.

ID: 743367

18. Sunshine Dazzler

Sorry, can’t chat, too busy being blinded by this DAZZLING mango/OJ cocktail. Also, getting drunk. Recipe at At The Table.

ID: 743370

19. Fruity Champagne Cocktails

How to Win at New Year’s Brunch: Blend your favorite frozen or fresh fruits into puree, add a couple spoonfuls to a pretty glass, and then add bubbles. From Ode to Awe.

ID: 743235

20. Sparkling Apple Cocktail

Recipe at Epicurious.

ID: 743427

21. London Style South-Side Royale

“South-side” is how they say “with mint and cucumber and gin” in Jolly Old England. Recipe at CHOW.

ID: 743407

22. Pomegranate Champagne Cocktail

All dressed up for Christmas! Recipe at Tasty Trials.

ID: 743463

24. Aperol Spritz

Super cute, super classy.

ID: 745000

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