Who Will Be Your Favorite Member Of Little Mix?

Also known as: the girl group you should be listening to, but probably aren’t. We’re totally getting 90s girl group vibes from them.

1. This is Little Mix:

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Little Mix won the eighth series of The X Factor in the UK. Much like One Direction, the girls all auditioned separately but were formed into a group by the judges. They’ve even been referred to as the next Spice Girls.

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From left to right: Jade Thirlwall, Leigh-Anne Pinnock, Perrie Edwards and Jesy Nelson

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In addition to being talented, they are also funny and adorable.

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5. So which Little Mix girl is going to be your favorite?

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6. Maybe Perrie Edwards?

Perrie is the youngest girl in Little Mix at 19 and is from South Shields in England.

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7. She dates Zayn Malik from One Direction.

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8. She likes to dye her hair fun colors.

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9. She loves Enrique Iglesias.

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10. Her Little Mix Symbol is a flower.

Perrie: Getty Images Symbol: little-mix.com
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11. Perhaps Jade Thirwall?

Jade is 20 and from the same place as Perrie, South Shields.

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12. She auditioned with the song “I Want to Hold Your Hand” for “X Factor.”

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13. Her favorite girl group (other than Little Mix, of course) is Destiny’s Child.

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14. She lives with bandmate Perrie Edwards.

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15. Her Little Mix Symbol is a bow tie.

Jade: Getty Images Symbol: little-mix.com
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16. Or maybe you’re more of a Leigh-Anne Pinnock kinda person.

Leigh-Anne is 21 and is from Buckinghamshire, England.

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17. She likes tattoos.

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18. She thinks Steve Wilkos from “The Jerry Springer Show” is hot.

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19. She auditioned for “X Factor” with Rihanna’s “Only Girl in the World.”

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20. Her Little Mix Symbol is a baseball cap.

Leigh-Anne: Getty Images Symbol: little-mix.com
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21. Or could your favorite be Jesy Nelson?

Jesy is 21 and from Romford, London.

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22. She’s the single lady of the group

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23. She keeps her hair in a shoebox.

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24. She has her own accent to keep annoying guys in nightclubs away.

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25. Her Little Mix Symbol is a boombox.

Jesy: Getty Images Symbol: little-mix.com
ID: 1048152

26. This is their extremely catchy new song “How Ya Doin’” that features Missy Elliot:

ID: 1047565

27. So go download some Little Mix and get your solo dance party on!

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28. Oh, and good luck picking your favorite, because they’re all adorable!

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